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Sofa and carpet cutting machine

From: Dongguan Chengfei Technology Co., Ltd.   Date:2018-10-09  Hits:1678  Belong to:News

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people prefer Furniture Customization for household products. In order to cater to the market, many furniture production companies have gradually transformed into the whole house customization production mode.

In the processing of furniture fabrics, especially leather and cloth composites, vibrating knife cutting machine stands out in the cutting of furniture fabrics because of its rapidity and high precision, and is deeply loved by major manufacturers.

As a CNC equipment manufacturer with self-help R & D capability, Chengfei specially introduces a home cloth cutting machine with superior performance.

Select imported parts to ensure the quality of the machine.

In order to ensure the product quality and the good reputation accumulated by the company for a long time, the accessories selected by Chengfei have always been an international well-known brand. The high-precision linear guide rail ensures the smooth operation of the machine and the high-precision cutting effect; Infrared positioning system ensures accurate positioning and further cutting accuracy; Infrared induction anti-collision system makes production safer and more humanized; Integrated welding frame and thickened table top make the machine run more stably and have longer service life; The screws used for all parts shall be tightened for thousands of times without damaging the wire and will not affect the durability of the machine.

Efficient production and labor saving

The home cloth cutting machine can cut automatically and intelligently. After inputting the version data, the machine will cut automatically, saving time and labor; The multi axis control system independently developed by Chengfei is combined with high-frequency vibrating knife to improve the cutting speed and greatly reduce the investment cost.

The tool can be changed freely, which is suitable for a variety of materials

It can be applied to the processing of flexible materials such as cotton, linen, polyester, leather, fiber, cloth sponge compound, leather sponge compound, short plush, compound cotton, flexible rubber, sound insulation cotton, heat insulation cotton, aluminum foil composite sponge, soft glass, cup mat, tablecloth, curtain, bedding, blanket, carpet, packing carton, foam board, sporting goods and other flexible materials.

With the popularity of automatic cutting equipment, the market has become more and more mixed. Many manufacturers who are nothing have also entered the industry. Here, Chengfei CNC reminds customers that they must understand the strength of the manufacturer, the performance, practicability and matching with their own production before purchasing the machine, Make a decision after comprehensive consideration.

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